@~@@hi adjectives my unsullied pup is 5 weeks matured when is it allowed to turn for walks@}@~@~@?

shes due her 1st injection next week...also can i stride her in my garden in a minute.one more entity she growls alot at me and gets snappie is this play aggression... thanks to adjectives all you wonderful those
Answers: 5 weeks is really too young to set off the mother and its sibblings. It will not have learn about bite inhibition and recurrently these dogs end up biting nation as adults without realising it hurts. You entail to spend a lot of time unfolding the pup that ANY mouthing is painful or it will be a problem within the future.

Discourage the growling and really the biting by saying a extraordinarily firm "AH" every single time it does it. This is very influential if you want a dog that doesn't bite people. DO NOT smack or hit the dog as this can cause matters worse. You call for to imitate the mother next to what the mother would do which would be a growl.

As for walking it, it will be fine to take into your own garden but vet recomend not allowing it out in a public nouns until about 12 weeks weak, which is usually AT LEAST 2 weeks AFTER its 10 week jabs.
Why have you get a 5 week old puppy? it should still be next to its mum till at least 7weeks

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