What kind of sickness would cause a Chow dog to bleed externally?

The dog would bleed from his nose and penius. He would sneeze pure blood with blood clots. And urinate pure blood with blood clots also.
It sounds like rat or rodent poison.

Rodenticide attacks the blood, not the stomach. You may see bleeding from the gums, nose, or rectum. The poison thins the blood and destroys the clotting ability of the blood.
The vet can give transfusion and medication to help.

One sign of rodent poisoning is a 'neon' green poop, a few days before the bleeding begins..
Get this dog to the vet fast! He could be poisoned,,or have a serious illness.
Rat poison? Sounds like Fing mustard gas!
Your dog doing this does not mean it could be poisoned, it actually can be alot of differant things, and you really should take the dog to the vet for tests.
Refers to an abnormally low blood-concentration of platelets, which are blood cells that promote blood clotting after injury to the lining of the blood vessels. When the concentration of platelets becomes too low, bruising and bleeding may occur. Dogs with blood platelet concentrations of less than 40,000 per micro liter of blood are at risk for spontaneous bleeding.

What to Watch For

Small red spots on the white parts of the eyes (sclera), the gums or the skin
Bruises on the skin (ecchymoses)
Nose bleeds (epistaxis)
Bloody urine
Bloody stool
this could possibly be a factor in your dogs problem,
I am not a vet, and neither are all the people on PetQnA.com , so my suggestion is to go to the vet and get the accurate diagnosis as your dog could have one of a number of things, what i listed is only one factor there are
many other things it can be also.

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