A give somebody the third degree in the region of whether dogs discern guilty..?

I've heard/read about so several people who speak that dogs CANNOT and DO NOT feel guilty almost their actions, or perceive an impending scolding coming. For example, you come home and your dog who is usually happy to see you is huddled within a ball near those big sad eyes, consequently you turn the corner to your bedroom and see that he has destroyed a pillow or something.

Now, some culture would say that he doesn't know what he did be wrong -- he is "merely picking up on your signals that you are mad". but if I just come home, and am happy as usual to see him and don't even know around the pillow, how did he pick up on signals I didn't even give? His signals told me he did something wrong. It be just another year to me - I had no model what he had done.

I don't construe it. I personally believe that dogs can discern guilty or know that an upcoming scolding is coming if they do something wrong. I welcome any and adjectives comments otherwise. I think its deeply interesting! Thanks
Answers: Oh they know! Believe me they know! Our 4 yr old dachsund have recently arranged she'd rather pee and poo on the living room runner than go outside, so I hold resorted back to crate training to try and hold an eye on her. My husband let her out hasty this morning when he got up, she wouldn't procure off the step. He finally tolerate her back surrounded by, and as I was sleeping and couldn't right to be heard not, he left her loose. He go out to start his car, come back within, and found her slinking to her crate. Walked around the corner, and there surrounded by the living room floor was a nice pile of poo! She know!

I can't help but wonder why some relatives are so determined that humans own emotion and sensations, but it simply isn't true. They feel, they have an idea that, and they remember!
I think the populace who say that animals don't grain guilt/etc. have never owned a pet. (Scientist...schmientist!) Our dog have such a wide array of emotions, as enjoy all of my long-gone pets. I'm thinking that these "experts" aren't as smart as they think they are! :)

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