6 month boxer pup get unbridled when race come over to call on?

i have a womanly boxer who is 6 months old and my entity is when ever people come over to look in she gets extensive like jump up on them or jumping up and down to the point be she alomst kocks them over. everthing else she is good at . and also she get to rumbunsous all the time espelly when she requests to play with our elder dog who is three but yet he is just 13 pounds and sometimes he does not like to play he will play next to her but on his terms. how do i bring back better control of her so that she does not turn into a monster as she gets elder and bigger??
Answers: My boxer is 5 months old and does the exact same entry. there is no amount of training i.e. going take the puppy out of a boxers except age!. my dog is unfaultable and will listen to any command you give him even around society if he's on a leash but if people come into our house fastener everything down because he is ready to PLAY!... he willl EVENTUALLY start listen to my commands but for the few 5-10 minutes he is going to run wild no thing what you say or do. i own had other boxers since that is only their nature and will grow out of plentifully of it over the next year.

one suggestion if it's surrounded by your house give her a "timeout" but attaching her leash to something resembling a doorknob or chair that's contained by the room they will settle down much faster and while they can't move they can still see everyone
That's the way Boxer's are! "Rambunctuous", playful, juddering,..with a sense of humour too,.should've done some research.

You can try taking her to puppy/dog assent school, it may settle her down beside a structural setting and socialize with other dogs her size.

Good luck.
Training class. She may also be at a point immediately where she requests to be leashed 24/7 until she learns some manners. A healthy NO and pushing her down when she jumps is not a bleak idea any.

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