A dog problemm...?


I live out in the middle of the country and today we are expirencing ALOT of flooding.
We hold 3 basset Hounds and they are inside/outside dogs...they mainly stay outside because thats where on earth they'd rather be.
Well, their dog pen is a HUGE MUD HOLE right immediately...
And they oldest and middle Basset are fine staying in for right immediately.
But the youngest who is 9 months old...requests to be outside in his pen..he keep running around in his dog play pen bark crazily...I don't know what to do...
Answers: Dogs are subject to illness much as we are.
I would really suggest that beneath such circumstances you will have to house them indoors .. dry.
You do what is best for your dogs.preserve them inside until the weather is better.

This really should be a no-brainer.
Distract him by playing with him, bestow him toys, treats and a comfy spot to sleep on.

Keep the dogs inside. Don't listen to your nine-month-old puppy's barks to be agree to outside to play in his pen. Distract him by playing near him inside the house.

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