??doggy clothes??

Im going to go to Yosemite, its snowing near, and im taking my 11 month old pug puppy next to me. I want to get him a winter clothe from petco or petsmart, or any local pet stores, close to stores thats around in most places, close to petco. COuld u give me a suggestion for any dutiful sweaters or any warm winter clothe for dogs, and tender me the website for it!?? I appreciate it!
Answers: I actually go to simplydog.com and bought clothes for my chihuahua and the hoodies are the best! They have a meagre fleece like facing in them and it keep hold of sher pretty warm. She hasn't shivered snce I put it on her. She also have a doggy coat for trips to colorado. If you plan to let your dog outside the site also have tiny boots so her paws dont return with hurt from the snow! I've had worthy luck washing her clothes too so they'll second awhile. They have heaps different sizes which is great because I was have a hard tiem finding extra extra smalls for her! hope this help! P.S.- way more affordable than petsmart and much cuter.
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