3 Chihuahua trouble.?

I have 2 chihuahua. One is feminine and one is male. The males sister is over at our house because her kith and kin gave her up. Sad I know. But in a minute the male and his sister play adjectives the time and our female looks so grief-stricken. all she can do is examine. When ever she trys to play the two dont pay any attention to her so she in recent times watches. Any suggestions.
Answers: Strange! Maybe your female is lately checking things out and will get more comfortable following. One test that relations use to make sure that dogs aren't person bullied is to separate the dogs for a minute, and then tolerate them go to see what they'll do. If the puppies run right on fund to each other, great - everything's fine. But if one pup go to hide, and give "Hey! I'm not comfortable!" warnings, after it's time to give everyone a break.
Your womanly may have have it with their style of play. Dogs aren't snobs and if she wishes to join contained by, the boys should be just fine next to that.
*Just one more thought - is she fear OK? Any injury? Tummy OK? All of these things would stop a dog from playing. Have fun (everyone!)
Awwwww. Maybe when the male and the sister play, start playing near the female yourself. It will show it that you love it and perchance it won't feel as green. Maybe when they are playing try and include your felmale in the fun by getting her to amalgamate in and start playing as powerfully. I hope I helped, the most I can come up beside is make sure it still feel loved by you and the other doggies.

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