How do I attain my dog to collected down?

I have a 10 month infirm puppy that is the fastest dog I hold ever seen and the most hyper one as ably. She has abundantly of toy and everyday ALL day she desires to play. I play with her for around 5 hours a day.. but Im almost other with her. Shes fundamentally active and when she get loose she want to 'play' and wont listen.. I was wondering if anyone know something that would work besides tricking her. Also.. everytime someone comes over she gets over excited and jump all over them. Shes a small but exceedingly strong pup .. so I was also wondering if any one know how to stop her from jumping or getting so excited lacking seditating(dont know how to spell it) her. Oh, thats her in my picture :) ..
Answers: You may want to envest contained by a Chuck It if you have seriously of room for her to run.

These let a dog run plentifully farther for a ball and you don't even enjoy to touch the ball!

I would also look into some classes within either acquiescence, agility or flyball. She sounds like she'd be a angelic sport dog.

We have Border Collies and Jack Russells and we step play chuk it down at teh grade institution. Make sure you walk for a moment before and after to heat her up and cool her down so she doesn't get hurt. We also inculcate tricks. Is she food motivated at all? Check out clicker training also!

A lot of this comes next to her age. She's still a baby and merely needs time to develop. It's hard for those teenagers to concentrate :) Just be firm, forgiving and stick to what you want.

When you know people are coming, she have to be on leash. Guests are not alowed to pet her unless her buns are on the ground. She gets treats when she is sitting politely. If she's too excited, later she has to move about for a time out in another room and next gets to come stern in a while and try again.
She desires focused walks. It is fluent for a dog to travel and walk adjectives day so to them person in a house, even within a yard and playing, is similar to being within a cage. Try taking your dog on a 30 minut, hastily paced amble and keep her focused on merely looking forward and walking. This is how they naturally drain their verve in the delirious and should work if you can stick with it. No situation how much playing you do, there is no substitute for a GOOD focused (no stopping/sniffing) bearing.

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