5yo Greyhound losing solidity / have accident surrounded by house? doleful?

My 5yo rescue retired greyhound who has be with us almost 2yr have suddenly started having accident, this is very strange for us and she come to us housetrained and has one and only had 2 poop accident since coming with us and that be when we changed her food. This time nothing have changed. 1st i was out for the conservatory run (about 1/2hr) about 3 wks ago and i come back and she have ripped apart my bin bag and peed over it- she be told off and adjectives was ok and i assumed she be mad at me. afterwards on xmas day she simply peed on the mat by the back door, no whining or anything to jump out just did it. 4 days subsequently she sneakily went contained by the hallway while we be watching tv and pooped. it wasnt particuarly loose either. later today new years afternoon i come down and she peed on the hall mat again (all 3 of these in different places) she be told off and put out for her business and she didnt want to come spinal column in, we reflect on she may have be abused before coming to us, which isnt odd. more to follow
Answers: Take her to the vet,she may very resourcefully have a medical problem. While you are here, talk to the vet, and see if he have any suggestions on his behavior.
Any time an animal has a sudden relocate in behavior close to this, the first person to consult should be your vet.

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