"Top Dog Rules" Do you follow these?


Has anybody read this crap? Some of it is common sense... and the rest of it is pure bunk!

I suppose some of what I consider crap may be adjectives for larger breeds but for my own preferences and for the Chihuahuas I have, I consider alot of this dicey or pointless.

According to this, dogs don't belong on the furniture, and people don't belong on the floor. When and where on earth am I supposed to sit and cuddle with my precious pets?

"If a dog is lay in your footprints, do not walk around the dog, step over the dog." This is freshly plain stupid. Chihuahuas are delicate, and imagined to try and get out of the style, thus getting kicked and suffering back problems as a result. Anyone try to step over my chihuahuas, we'll go round!

They can't sleep surrounded by the bed? Why not? Mine do and will continue to do so.

"Dogs must never be allowed to mouth or bite anyone at any time, including surrounded by play." What puppy doesn't? I haven't had a pup but ...
Answers: I think most of the dominance guess is bunk.

If you've read anything by David Mech, you'll know that eating command has nil to do with social footing. When food is low, feeding the pups is the priority. So adjectives fresh kill go to the pups first. When food supplies are adequate, everyone eat together.

My dogs go through doors contained by front of me sometimes, I lie on the floor to play near them, I cuddle on the couch with them and I to be sure don't step over them when they're lying down, that's just desperate manners. Does this make my dogs monsters? No. They still tolerate me stick my hands into their mouths to take whatever it is I want from them, they still steal all their cues from me. At tiniest they are confident and calm around it, not fearful like most dogs who live near owners obsessed next to dominance.

People need to turn bad The Dog Whisperer and realise that a dog is not a complete dominance hog always waiting for that slightest destiny to take over the entire household. Your dog is not your slave, neither is he your rival for control. He is your partner and your companion, and you should treat him beside the love and respect he deserves.

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