I have an 8 month saint bernard and was wondering at what age to they quit growing?

saints tend to finish growing around 2-3yrs as they are a giant breed.The head will indefinate get large or "break" as they say,at 2.5yr.As for height a tip that was given to me to tell if my saint was still getting any taller was to look at his front legs and if you can clearly see his knees then he will grow taller.Hope this helps,and enjoy your lovely saint!
Their heads actually never stop growing, that's why a long time ago, when barrels of whisky were tied around their necks, the strap would always be adjustable.
Usually by the time they are a year old they reach the size sometimes before. Look at the paws in relation to the body and you'll probably be able to tell.
Fully grown" is a completely misunderstood term. To me it is at that point when the dog has stopped growing. Getting fatter is not growing. Many people confuse "fat" with "large". Usually a Saint Bernard ***** will be fully grown between 2.5 to 3 years old. (Full height by 15 months) A male will only be fully grown between 3 and 4 years old. (Full height by 18 to 20 months.) The larger the dog the longer it takes to complete the growth cycle. The last part to finish is the head. Many people tell me their Saint Bernard is fully grown at 12 to 18 months, only to find that at 3 years old it is much larger than in the photos taken at 18 months.
all dogs usually stop growing at 1 year old so ull hav to wait 4 more months
they stop growing any where from 7-12 months. my freind has a lab and we would go over to their house every week. it grew fast. every week it was a lot bigger than the laast week. he stoped growing at about 8 months but since st.barnards are a bit larger he may take longer. it takes 1 1/2 - 3 years for puppies to fully mature though. hope this helps!
He'll probably reach his full height by around a year of age, but he'll keep filling out until he's around 5 or so.
Once the dog reaches somewhere be tween 18 months and 2 years, it will have grown as much as the will. They may still fill out more and put on a bit more weight, but they won't get much larger!
Large breeds like that typically don't reach their full adult height until after they're 2 years old or more. Their bodies will often continue to fill out for another couple years after that.

I have a giant schnauzer, which don't get quite as big as St. bernards, but he's almost 2 and nowhere near full grown yet.
Most dogs continue to "grow" until they are two years old. From that point on, they fill out so they look like they are still "growing"
I raised them for a while and they usually grow for about a year. The last couple of month's growth is usually just filling out. A female should grow to 25-26 inches at the shoulders and a male 27 to 28 inches. Never use a measuring TAPE to measure. You get 2 to 4 extra inches wheyou bend it over to the middle between the shoulder blades.
around 18 mo. of fast growth, continues to go slowly for about another 1yr or 2. We own a old english mastiff

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