A effection triangle of dogs and family. HELP !?

Me and my GF have three dogs.Two toy poodles and a doberman. Im currently training my Dobe obediance and agility training. My GF get really pissed to see that Im putting all my physical exertion into traing Sissie my dobe and not her dogs. The reason is they dont own any formal training in any aspect of near whole existance. Not even house trained which burns me up more than anything but she say that there blatters are small so they cant hold it as long as my dobe. Thats crap because my moms yorkie can hold it more than 24 hours god forbid he ever have to again. But anyway back to the topic at mitt. All they do is sit in her knees and follow her twenty-four seven. If I touch them or fuss them they growl and show there teeth. They bite everyone that comes contained by the house. Mean * little dogs. I have no will or want to train those evil little dogs. But she get geolous when I spend time with my dog training and jog with her. I conjecture she hates my dog! Any body ever own this problem..
Answers: Her dogs, her responsibility. And yes, they should be potty trained. If they just "can't" hold it, there's still such a item as a piddle pad!

As to training. again, her dogs, her responsibility. If she requests them trained, perhaps she might soak up if you had training sessions together, you could assistance her learn how. Maybe sign up for an assent class together. Hey...that sounds like fun, gotta remember to cooperate to my hubby about that, I muse we might enjoy it! Would be a fun course to bond together, and with our little darling!

As to your mother's yorkie, poor baby! I bet he be doin the pee pee dance! I comprehend how things like that come to pass. What a good babe-in-arms to hold it! Couldn't have be fun.

Anyways, suggest doing it together, perhaps she's spiteful of the time you spend with your dog as okay as your experience and know how, that it seems she's underprovided. By training your dogs together, you'll spend more time from her, and she can learn from your useful experience.

I'm not much of one for alot of obedience training myself, but dogs, same as children, entail basic rules surrounded by order to be relieved, as well as not to be a bind. I don't care for brats, 2 legged or 4 legged. There's no excuse for any.

Good luck! Oh, and as for suggesting it to her, I wouldn't point out her inadequacies. would say-so something about how you have a sneaking suspicion that it'd be fun to do it together, either at home, or out within a beginner class, where on earth she won't feel so alone contained by her lack of practice, and the instructor can help stern you up.

Edit: A toy sized pooch can hold it longer than 4 hours. We had a 3 lb chi when I be in big school, and she held it adjectives day till someone come home to let her out. At least possible 6 hours. Those little poodles can hold it if trained where to walk.
its kinda like step kids ya i deliberate she is jealous perchance you need to speak near her about how they nip at you and consequently show a lil more attention to them

good luck
powerfully its true that small dogs ussually cannot hold it as long as bigger dogs.. thats no excuse for not being housebroken tho! I know plenty of small dogs who are housebroken.

I dont know how that yorkie held it for 24 hours.. poor lil guy have to be in anguish!

Those poodles need training.. NOW.. it sounds similar to they need it more than the Dobe. I dont reflect its fair for her to sit at hand and fuss about it tho. From the sounds of it, if you did train them, she probably would not approve of any methods you used anyways! She'd probably relate you to stop treating her cute little dogs so MEAN!

I think the correct Christmas gift for your girlfriend would be training classes for her and her dogs.

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If she thinks their behavoir is funny, consequently I know she wouldnt approve of any training methods! Aything you would try to do would be un-done. Honestly, those poodles need some NILIF training! (Nothing within Life is Free). Next time she fusses about it, consent to her know that you dont think it will do any dutiful anyways, because she just treats them the instrument she wants to anyways. If she requests them trained, SHE can do it.. training is a good bearing to build a good relationship between a dog and its owner.
I take, people next to smaller dogs are sometimes like that. I influence keep doing what you are doing.

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