7 week behind the times puppy + two elder cats?

We just get a puppy. We believe he is Chow and German Shepherd. He's very forceful at times. We've had him something like a week now. Maybe for a moment longer.

I have two indoor cats, and we live contained by an apartment. The cats don't have profoundly of hiding places, and even though they do have a few, they settle on to bait him instead of hide when he chases/barks at them.

I'm startled to leave him home contained by fear of coming home to find he's "played" next to them successfully.

I'm at my wits end. =\

Also, he like to bite(I think he's teething), and I want culture to be able to pet him. How do you keep hold of him from bitting your hand when you try to be peaceable and pet him? He has chew toys, and I've tried to replace my paw with one of those, but it appears to not be working.
Answers: indoor cats usually hold their front claws removed so i'm guessing that they have have this done or the puppy is a glutton for punishment. when i got my boxer pup he chased my cats and still does but when they enjoy had enought of him they turn on him and give him claws in the antenna and that stopped him cold. the cats will put the puppy in his place when he get too rought but if you see that it is not stopping him at that time use the comand of stop and re-enforce it by stopping him your self. the stop comand is also good for getting him to stop going other things you don't want him too. as too nip, bitting, or chewing on you, when mine started doing that i'd tap his trunk and say NO BITE and he finally get the hint that we are not made for chewing on. obedient luck
chewing and biting is normal if the dog is still puppy . Some voice that their baby teeth is itchy for them. that's why they chew and chew.

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