3yr antiquated lab and foreign child on the opening!?

my lovely labrador means the world to me and i must accept ive spoilt him, however im 37 weeks pregnant and hoping he wont get selfish of the new babe-in-arms when he arrives!.does anyone have any tips on keeping him delighted!?
Answers: Congrats on your pregnancy!! I know what you mean roughly speaking your dog meaning the world to you. Just a short time warning, when the child comes your dog may not be the centre of your universe for for a while while. The dog might even annoy you at times when you are over tired and stressed out. It's very average and after the initial adjustment you'll love him just one and the same :)

Get someone to bring home something the baby have worn or a blanket etc from the hospital. The dog will get the scent of your toddler and it won't be so strange when your son comes home. The day you bring your babe home you might like to enjoy your dog looked after by someone else if you can. I actually have my mum take my dogs for 2 weeks so that when they come home we were more settled and surrounded by a routine.

Don't get angry at the dog whenever it go near the babe-in-arms. Let him sniff and be near the infant, and give loads of treats when your dog is in close proximity your son - he'll think this untried human is great value!

Try to clear time to do the things you normally do next to your dog, or get someone else to.

Your dog will adopt the new tot as part of the house and adjust in no time. In reality, I think that dogs adjust faster than we family do!!

Good luck and enjoy your growing clan :) A 3 year old lab is a ideal dog to have near a baby and I'm sure it will adjectives work out fine.
Try to continue next to the tlc to him (not easy near a new babe-in-arms I know)!
I think you'll find you don't hold too many worries, Labs are the most loving ethnic group dog you could find!

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