The truth versus your feelings?

I am finding that a lot of relatives are passing their "opinion" bad as the "truth" on the dogs section. With dogs I know near are experts that study dogs, but I must say until a dog can speak it is just an "opinion". How can you justify relating someone that they don't like to hear the "truth" when it is not the "truth"it is an "opinion".
Example: Your dog does not miss it's testicles (how do you know it does not)
Example : You should not be breeding your dog (now specifically an "opinion")
How can you keep calling these statements TRUTH
Answers: I merely answer questions to the best of my skill. They are always my evaluation because I'm not a dog expert.

I figure inhabitants can take what I vote and either research it some more, rebuff it or consider what I said as part of their result regarding their request for information.

I honestly don't know if anyone takes anything I articulate to heart or not. I've gotten a couple of emails from someone about training or housebreaking issues where on earth I helped someone. I also get some good feedback nearly Lab questions or adoption stuff. That stuff I tend to discern like I hold a little more experience next to.

I honestly don't want to force my opinion on anyone. I hope they pay no attention to me if they don't like what I write.
Until you jump to vet school, you don't know truth versus evaluation when it comes to animals and the questions answered here. Do the research or be in motion to school.

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