9 Week prehistoric Shih Poo starting growl?

I have a 9 week antediluvian Shih-Poo very lately he has started to growl, namely if he requests to get contained by the bed and I don't let him or when he is playing by hisself. i thought he will run around the room really fast similar to he is chasing something or something is chasing him. He'll dive into his bed and bite and shake it while growling. Is this something to be concerned about or mundane puppy behavior?

I don't want you to respond if you need to reiterate what I already know that you may consider him a mutt.


Answers: He's playing and have fun.
unhealthy, not to standard, sub par shih Tzu bred to ailing , not to standard poodle,,,, why would expect this dogs temperament to be stable? you KNOW the person responsible for creating your mixed breed didn't concern,, they were of late looking to make early cash . and i am not considering him a mutt he IS a mutt.

oh,,he is play growling by hiMself
"I don't want you to respond if you requirement to reiterate what I already know that you may consider him a mutt."

It's not that he MAY be a mutt, it's that he IS a mutt.

Why do so many designer dog owners deem that their mutt is special? Don't get me wrong, I love mutts, but what's the point of wilfully breeding them when there's enough out nearby already that need homes?

Edit: I don't find myself unaware. Maybe it's YOU who's the ignorant one, since you can't amount out that your dog is playing.
Your little guy is just have fun playing.If he becomes aggressive or bark a lot stroke him on the nose and hand over him a firm NO!

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