Puppy ate a wood chip...?

My shih-tzu cross puppy ate a wood chip about an inch long, do you chew over she will be able to exceed it? I know if she gets constipated to rob her to the vet, but I'm just curious if you have an idea that she will be able too? She's solitary 10 weeks old... I'm worried
Answers: Er, she probably will pass by it through, but to be safe, I'd see the vet.
my dog finishing nite ate a plastic meat tray. i took him to the vet and they made him vomit it up.. now he is adjectives better.. take you dog to the vet..
My friend's dog Sadie ate a stick once and terminated up passing it through it be gross though make sure you preserve an eye on her...

good luck!
VET!! /NOW!!

Hopefully she chewed it up TRUE good so it's littler in a minute. My puppy eats crayons, which are eatable and she poops green, red and sickly.

Anyway, take the dog to the vet as soon as you can draw from in to hold xrays taken. I wouldn't want to take any probability.
I think no, because puppy does not drink wood chip ,and how do you know your puppy eat a chip.
She should be fine. If you do perceive any coughing call your vet asap. You can also run two fingers and press gently on the throat and see if you have a feeling anything stuck in here.
take her to the vet!! it might own splinters! this might be serios! good luck!!

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