1 year antediluvian masculine maltese have housebreaking problems when snow or rime is on the ground.?

my little 5 lb. male is housebroken year round except when here is freezing cold ice or snow on the ground, at which time he decide to pee or poop on the entry way tile on experience. it's very frustrating, but i don't want to use puppy pad (they could cause more problems than good). any suggestions?
Answers: be stubborn.. lug him outside on a leash and make him dance.. you may have to do a lil housebreaking reminder next. If you stick with it and are stubborn tho, he will cram to hurry up and go!

I stir thru this every winter with my balding dog. At the first snow we always own a few accidents.
He doesn't want to receive his paws cold you should shovel a track or put dog booties on him. Good luck!

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