How do I get my dog to stop licking my bed?

I've tried everything -- I've washed the sheets and comforter, the mattress pad, tried different sheets. He just won't stop licking them! Any suggestions?
do you wear lotion? my stop mom puts lotion on her feet (bath and body works kind) and the dog will lick the floor wherever she steps. maybe your dog is doing the same thing
Make him an outside dog. Animals in the house is nasty
soak the favorite spots in chili oil and see what happens.
Wow, you must taste delicious! Try keeping him out of your room.
i dont know, ask a vet or the person u got it from. or, just buy bed sheet treats!(lol) just kidding!
my cats do the same thing sometimes (not to my bed, but to other places). Mostly to plastic things. Guess they just like the texture or something?

If it really is bothering you, there is a type of keep away spray that you can buy in the pet store. That might work.
Keep your bed in the roof !! HAHAHAHA!
Wear panties
i think if it really bothers you, you'll just have to teach him not to get on the bed. he's not going to stop licking. he's a dog. (we have the same disgust at our house.)
Seems like your dog likes you a lot.. at best guess.
And no matter how much you might wash the sheets, etc .. chances are that your scent is well soaked into the bed.

If you spray some unpleasant but non-toxic chemicals around the area your dog typicallys licks though. he should stop pretty sharpish. Might find another something to lick.. but it should stop the bed issue as it is now.
Hello well I have a Gog and he used to do the same thing so we went out and bought him a stuff animal and he likes that and sucks on it all so so you could try something like that
get some carpet freshiner and spray aronud your bed so the dog will lose the sent and change the sent every week
u could have a cage or don't sleep with him let him sleep in a other room and close the door

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