What do you call for it and where on earth do you find it? Dog shock collar beside contained by ground bounds?

Seen these on TV but can't remember the name. You bury a flash in the ground around a fringe you don't wish a dog to cross and it give a slight electrical shock to teach the dog not to cross. Does anyone know the given name or location of this item. I've tried ebay already. Thanks.
Answers: Professional installation or do it yourself versions are available everywhere. Invisible fence, electric fences, radio fence, etc.

They work with some dogs and not next to others. If the motivation is high satisfactory and the dog is pain insensitive adequate they can run through it. Other dogs can cross it of course but sometimes the camouflage just does not allow for a edge fence.

You might try looking into installing a cyclone obstruction dog run with a landscape fabric underpinning.

Hey great question i own no idea. But will look within to it. We have a product here within Oz that does the same sort of entity but i can't even remmeber what it is called.

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