My mom dog won't let her puppies feed, what do I do.?

My dog just recently had puppies, they are 2 weeks old today. The first week the mom dog was great, she laid around with them all day, and they ate very well. Now she won't even hardly go into the room they are in. She hovers around them but will not lay down so they can feed. She has enough milk, so I know it isn't because she doesn't have any milk, and I don't know if I should make her lay there. If we take her into the room and shut the door she just goes to the opposite side of the room. I'm not at home 24 hours a day, but I know majority of the day that i'm there i know she doesn't let them feed. So please what should I do
have bred over 350 litters of GSD's in the 30 plus years of my breeding career. Over those years we have done our share of caring for newborns that need help. We have also come up with our own newborn puppy formula that I think is the best we have seen.

You can make our formula at home and it has 11 calories per CC.

The problem with commercial formula that you buy at your vet is that it only has about 1 or 2 calories per CC. In my opinion this is not enough nutrition to provide for for adequate growth.

We have used this formula many times and it works better than any others that I have tried.

If you are hand raising puppies and they develop medical problems you will need to contact your vet. Please do not email me and ask what to do. It would be inappropriate for me to guess at the medical needs of your sick puppy.
maybe try bottle feed your puppies
You need to go to the vet and get a bottle and milk for the pups and feed them with the bottles. You need to get the milk from the vet. Please do so fast because they are too young not to eat at all
bottle feed them and get the pups away from her as she may kill them. You can get a formula recipe off the net.
They sell puppy replacement milk at walmart for 5-9 dollars...get some and a pet bottle and they will get proper nourishment
They're really young to not be eating. You might have to feed them yourself.
i think that u should grab the babies and put them by their mother becuase if not they are going to die and u need to show that she needs to feed them and is she dosent like it keep on doing it untill she gets used to it
that is a problem but i would recommend to ask a vet and or if that doesnt work you could buy specialized milk for very young puppies. Ask your vet where to find the milk if not in the puppy aisle of the pet store.
you should bring the mother into the room woth the puppies and if she doesn't thet them feed you might have to buy a baby bottle and feed them yourself.
Your dog knows from instinct when it's good to nurse. She won't let her puppies starve...she knows.since your puppies are getting older, they don't need as much...they will be ready to start weaning in about a week and a half. You may need to make her lay down to nurse, but let her up after a while and let her stretch and get away. If you think she's not being a good mother, think again before you breed her again.
ask a vet. the dogs usually know when to ween their young
just like us the breast do get sore , if it her first , that my be the case, we had dog that wouldnt feed and they had to be feed by a bottle, it could help to put vasolinen on and treat them wait and see if that helps .if the puppies arent yeaing alot give it time they could be getting more then you think give her some space and let them yeap a little some time that will wake up her emotion enough that she will do her job thats it for me
Animals are just so amazing. This little girl is staying away from the puppies because her breasts are sore. You MUST clip the tips of the pups claws. Don't clip too much, just the sharp tip with nail clippers. If you cut into the quick, you will cause them to bleed. They have very sharp little nails that scratch and cut the mother's delicate tummy when they knead and nurse. When they are first born the nails are soft, but as they get a week or two older the nails start to harden with needle like points. Get some Betadine and add a little to water to wash her tummy with. This is drying and will heal up the cuts and scratches. Rub a thin layer of vaseline over the area after washing. As soon as she is more comfortable, she will nurse more.
This is very serious. I don't have puppies myself but I think I know the best thing to do. First. Take the mother and the puppies to the vet. The vet will probably answer most of your questions. Ask for a formula to make milk for the puppies. If the vet gives you some, feed the puppies with a bottle. I think thats the best way to do it.

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