~!Doggy Diaries!~?

hey petqna.com this is like my 2nd press of the day..


hello im getting a dog soon and im thinking of doing this sympathetic of diary book(also with appointments,stuff we gotta buy,reminders,pictures) sorta resembling a scarpbook,diary,and reminder book...and i would like to know if its a great theory and..

what should i use to make the book

im not writing close to the diary like everyday im basically writing it 4 times or 5 times a week and take pictures of it so when its an full-grown me and my future dog could look at the past(puppy age)

i really close to writing and have time

~Please And Thank-You~
Answers: I focus that that is a smart theory and it's also very nice of you!

Making a book of adjectives they stuff your dog needs is a great impression!

I know I've said that alot but it is a GREAT idea!

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