My not long adopt dog will not chomp through dog food!!?

I just adopt a dog and he refuses to munch through his dog food. He got a bout of pancreatitus and he be really dehydrated. All he desires to eat is chicken soup next to rice. The vet said this is ok. However, does anyone know of a soft dog food (he won't eat solid dog food obviously) that is to say good for dogs who are prone to digestive problems?
Answers: enjoy a look at

that's the best dog food you can buy for money. I don't know one single dog who don't like it. Try to catch a free sample and tolerate you r dog decide.
You could try soaking his dry kibble within hot water until it is soft, nearby are many undemanding on the digestion types out there. You can also use low sodium chicken broth mixed near hot water to soak the food or mix some can dog food with the hot sea. Pancreatitus is usually from eating too much second-hand goods food or high butter food. What was the shelter/rescue feed him?

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