Have you ever hear of a blue pitbull dog?

my husband came home one hours of darkness telling me around a blue pitbull dog... i looked up on the net and see no difference from a reg. pibull. whats is the difference?
Answers: Yes,
There are serious conditions and form problems that are associated with a
Blue Pit Bull. Even if your dog isn't blue, here could be a blue pit bull in the
extraction. Please do your research. Please also take into consideration the certainty
of possible vet bills and medications that are associated beside these health
problems. Not one and only do Blue Pit Bull breeders OVERCHARGE for their dogs, but
they are selling you a dog that could very possibly be artificial or carrying
these diseases. So even if your dog shows no signs of these skin diseases,
your puppies could should you ever decide to breed.
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Not saying anything will be wrong next to your blue pit. I just considered necessary you to be informed.
Yes. They are gorgeous. They are blue in color. That's the solitary difference.

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