2 week weak puppy drinks his litter mate pee?

I am fostering five 2 week old puppies for the shelter. All are boys except one girl. One of the boys will not stop sucking on the other boys weiners to drink their pee. He act like it is better than his formula. I will nurture him until he is very full and later put him down with the other pups and he will still drink their pee. It have given him a little diareha but excluding that he is good. Is this really doomed to failure or should I not be too worried? I don't want to seperate him from the other pups but he will not stop.
Answers: I can think of two reason, one he is taking over for their mom. Mother dogs clean up after their pups by intake everything that comes out of them.

Second and far more likely given his age, he is confused and think that his brothers penises are actually nipples. The reality that a liquid comes out when he sucks with the sole purpose reinforces that belief

Don't separate them, that could cause more damage than good. As long as the diarrhea doesn't prevent him from purchase weight I don't deliberate there is much of a problem, capably besides the obvious gross factor.

He'll prolly grow out of it, if he doesn't after you might have to numeral out some way to train it out of him, but I wouldn't try anything until at least possible after he is weaned, you don't want to accidentally give him the perception that all sucking is fruitless.

You might want to have a vet look at him merely in baggage
Thats so gross, I really don't know the reason but I hope it ends so you won't own to be grossed out! Good Luck.

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