8 Year Old Lab very soon moaning more frequently as stretches?

Blue is more vocal than he used to be and I am wondering whether to be concerned. He does not appear to be contained by pain, and does repeat when responded to. (Human "uhhhhhhh").
But he doesn't come to someone as would be expected if looking for attention.
My vet didn't deem it was significant but I'm posting here
because, after adjectives, Blue IS a family bough.
Thanks in mortgage to those who read and offer opinion!
Answers: i think he's purely getting older. it probably feel good when he stretches it might be resembling, a sigh of relief. i enjoy a puppy and she is VERY vocal she walk around making chewbacca noises if we arent petting her. but i dont regard it sounds like anything to verbs about unless he is showing signs of one in anguish.
I wouldnt say there's anything wrong

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