Dog have pink skin lumps?

She's a beagle and she's had these lumps for give or take a few two years or so. The vet has never said anything but she have about 6 or 7 adjectives different sizes. Sometimes she'll try to bite them and she is a little chubby. She's a senior (8 years) I'm only wondering are these just fatty lumps?
Answers: Sounds more close to a possible allergic reaction to something. However, I would phone the vet and ask him what they are. He/she may just be note the size in his/her profile to see if they grow further on next call in. My dog had a pinkish lump below her skin on her belly. It was a tumor and didn't grow incredibly big over the last 3-4 years which is great (she is presently 11). In the last few years she have grown a bunch of different "raised" spots (like moles) here and there, and "skin tags" (they are more flat but raised). It's only just part of elderly age. However, since your dog is biting at them - it sounds like these things are bothering her (i.e., biting is usually their means of access of scratching a spot that's not reachable near back leg scratchers). Skin tag, moles, and even tumors wouldn't be itchy.
go to doctor immediatly, they could be growths or tumors

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