My dog keeps shaking her head?

so, i know that sometimes when they shake their head frequently that they have an ear infection or something, but she went to the dog beach yesterday and after that i flushed them out with this stuff the vet gave me, but it said make sure to get it all out in case of ingestion. and ever since the flush shes been shaking her head. is there anything that can help her ?? it makes me really nervous to see that she has a problem but i cant figure out what! thanks so much!
The dog is suffering from some sort of irritation. It could be mites, infection or even a reaction to the salt water and sand. It could also be the stuff you used to flush the ear has aggravated the situation. I would take the dog back for another visit or at the very least call.
she might have gotten ear mites. that could be very itchy and bothering. go have your vet look. good luck! ^_^
well leave her for a couple a days nd if shes still shaking her head book her in a t the vet. dont worry its prob just a lil infection or sumin lol
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I have a boxer and he would shake his head quite often. I tried using ear stuff the vet gave me but that seemed to make it worse. Turns out that he has food allergies. Beef being the worst. We tried lamb and rice dog food which helped for a little while but the same thing started happening. Shaking of his head. He now eats duck and potato. I have to order it from the vet and it is pretty expensive, but it is definitely worth it since he is finally back to normal. Good luck.
I'm not a veterinarian, but I did sleep at a Holiday Inn but it sounds like a morbid brain tumor to me.
It could be she has something down deep in the ear, there is really no way to tell without looking way down there, best thing you could do is take the dog to the vet and get it checked out.
Take her to the vet. She could have ear mites or an infection.
Your dog could have ear mites. Did the vet check for them when he examined her. Also hope you only cleaned the external ear as you could rupture her ear drum if you went too deep. Also if it is ear mites they cause great distress to any animal and it could get to the point where they will bite people or other animals because it hurts so much. How do you feel when you have a bad earache or toothache? O.K.

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