??Help near my dog??

I have a 1 year elderly golden ret.
He has a liver problem.
Shadow is a one years ripened and 35 pounds.
He is akc reg he did not grow like he should hold.
He poops in his coop everynight
and has massively runny poop.
It is because of his liver we have already talk to the vet about him and he have had like mad of blood work done.
He came from a backard breeder he is particularly shy.
He was treated fundamentally bad he be starved and beat.
What can i put on him at hours of darkness so when he poops i can just exchange what he has on and rinse out him.My mom is NOT going to put up with him pooping how he does as he can not control when he does it . !!Please minister to!!
Answers: My dog Mason was incredibly ill ( he died a few months ago) I used fully fledged diapers on him . You cut a slit where tail should be and verbs tail through hole. Once you find size of diaper , you may have to try toddler size and consequently go up or down a size. Also PetSmart hold dog diapers. They are easy to renovation and not messy at all, it may bear a couple of days before dog will draw from used to it and then be effortless to do. Hope this helps.
you could use some of those training pad they use for puppies. they are very absorbant and adjectives you'll have to do is vary them out. they come in pack of like 8 or 10 i infer. its been a while since i own used them but they work pretty well. biddable luck to you :)

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