6 yr weak Female Dobe?

I want to get my Dobe who is 6 yrs spayed but 'am stressed out of the outcome. Is it safe to do it at this age and what should I be aware of beforehand.
Answers: It should be immaculately safe to draw from her spayed at this age. It's probably no longer going to significantly reduce her risk of mammary (breast) cancer, but sure eliminates the risk of diseases similar to pyometra and uterine or ovarian cancers, as powerfully as the risk of unwanted pregnancy.

If you are concerned about her, the vet can do a pre-anaesthetic blood test to assess her broad health and the function of her liver and kidneys. If called for, a different anaesthetic drug can be used to make things safer for her, and they can put her on intravenous fluids (a drip) during her surgery.

Being a Dobe, it may also be a honest idea to ask them for a Buccal Mucosa Bleeding Time (BMBT) audition as well. Dobe's are prone to a genetic disease call von Willebrand's, which affects their blood clotting. It often doesn't show up until the dog have surgery- a BMBT involves making a little gash on the inside of the lip and timing how long it takes to stop bleeding, significance that any problem is picked up before the surgery is perform.

Hope that helps. Please quality free to email me if you've any other questions.
IT is better behind time than never. Just like near people in that is always a risk near anesthetic, but for the most reassurance that surgery is safe, ask for a pre-anesthetic blood work up. This is purely like pre-op bloodwork for associates. It checks glucose, kidney and liver functions, etc to see if there are any internal problems that would motivation concern for adjusting or not giving an anesthetic. If the testing comes back ok, be in motion ahead. At this age she should get spayed as beside age the risk for pyometria (uterine infection which can be fatal), and hormonal cancers is increasing. If the check finds a problem then the vet can address it and capture the dog in the proper robustness to go ahead next to the surgery. Best wishes.

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