(Information below) Does anyone own free puppies within CA?

I'm looking for free female labrador puppy, black lab, golden, unnamed or a designation that ends in A
Answers: I recommend that you check out this. http://geo.craigslist.org/iso/us/ca Just click your city or nearest city and check out the pet article. There are many "free" and low cost Labrador puppies and dogs. Sometimes those even give away their Labrador puppies and dogs that are already trained. The usual drive that they are free is because the owners are moving and can't take them along, they work too much and are worried that they are not giving it adjectives the attention it deserves, or their kids don't take comfort of it like they promised to do earlier they bought it. They'd rather endow with it to someone or charge a small adoption fee for it instead of surrendering it to a shelter.
If someone have a "free" Lab pup or adult within your area beside a name that doesn't appendage in A, you can effortlessly change his or her describe. Most of the dogs and puppies that end up contained by shelters get their name changed before they run to a new home, and those dogs and puppies don't enjoy any problems with their changed name, or the shelters would stop doing that.
HAHA! Good luck with that. Go peddle somewhere else. This site is for real question. Not ones for personal gain.

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