What would cause a dog's scrotum to be red and look raw?

My sister just called me and asked me to look up a problem her dog is having. She wanted to know if she should wait until the morning to take her dog to the vet or if she should travel many miles to a vet hospital tonight. She said she noticed her dog licking his scrotum constantly tonight and they appear very red/black with specks that look like he could bleed at any moment. I attempted to look up the problem but wasn't successful. (She just called and said she is taking him to the vet hospital.) I would still like to know if anyone knows what is happening to her dog or if anyone has had a similar experience. Thanks! Also, you should know that she takes very good care of her dog. He is an indoor dog that is loved deeply. He is up to date on his shots and vet visits. Thanks for your answers. I appreciate your kindness and sincerity when answering. Thanks again!
Its probably not a true emergency.but if she's already gone, it won't help to advise that now. Its probably a chemical reaction or burn. Something possibly sat on? Soap, flea products, floor cleaners, floor deodorizers, fertilizers, some plants found outside (ie. jasmin) can irritate the scrotum. Whatever caused it.the dog is making it worse by the constant licking. I'd gently clean it with a cool washcloth and give the dog 1mg per pound body weight of Benedryl every 8 hrs. until tomorrow when the vet can see and give stronger stuff if needed.
Your sisters dog has an irritation that they will treat with a shot on the bottom and a cream she will have to put on 2 or 3 times daily. Usually this happens if the groomer shaves them too close or if they get a cut. The dog keeps licking it over and over and then the area gets raw and infected. She probably does not have to take him tonight, especially if she does not want the costly hospital bill She can just try and get him to stop licking it until she can get him to the vet for a regular appointment

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