What age do golden retriever's start bleeding at?

We just got a 5 month old golden retriever and I was just wondering when, she will start bleeding? as we do not have her fixed. we have 4 children and i want to be prepared for it when it comes. Any info on this matter would be great!
Golden's will come into a first heat at 7 or 8 months of age. Some not until almost a year old. You just have to be watching from 6 months on. Every heat after that will be every 6 months lasting for 3 weeks.
She is old enough to be sprayed right now.
NOTE: Golden's do not bleed all over the house. If your Golden is anything like mine were they keep them selves pretty clean while in heat. They will only bleed so you can see in the first week of the heat then it will diminish after that.
golden retrievers dont bleed tehy dont have periods.
hmm? hat are you talkin bout? u dont make any sense.
Bleeding or Breeding?
try googleing it, i think it can be anything from 6 months of age
Spay her, and eliminate the question from your mind.
She may go into heat, next month. If you don't want pups, spay the dog. What info are you requesting? Male dogs from far away will find your house, trying to get to your dog, when she is in heat. Getting a book about dogs and their care may be needed in your home.
Dogs will go into their first cycle anywhere from 6-8 months.Im thinking because she is a larger dog it will be closer to 8 months.. but be prepared for it as much as you can. If you are planning to breed... don't do it until she is more mature.. around 2 years of age. Breeding early can be such a disaster because the mom is just a puppy herself. If you are going to breed her plan it whatever you do..monitor when she is in heat.. do not leave her outside all day alone.. Males will come from miles away to mate with a female and can even get stuck between a chainlink fence. get her hips eyes ears and general health checked.. think about why you really want to breed her.. what does her breeder say?
So many things to think about. I suggest since you already have alot of responsibility with 4 kids.. get her fixed.. then you will not have to worry about any of that.
Good Luck
Do you mean to ask:

"When will my 5 month old golden retriever enter her first heat cycle?"

That would be at roughly 6 months I believe. I have only small breeds which come into season ever 6 mo's or so.

Of course, I've never had to deal with heat because I chose to have my girls spayed. It's much healthier for them and reduces their chance for certain cancers.

Are you prepared for what you're going to have to do to keep your dog protected during her heat? She will need to be confined - not let outside unless on a lead - never left in the yard unsupervised. She shouldn't be taken on walks as to not arouse the neighbor's animals. Male dogs are VERY crafty when a female is in heat.

Have her spayed. Worries over.
Go ahead and get some dog diapers, and call your vet about getting an operation, could happen very soon
If she has a good pedigree, she could take as long as a year and a half. If she is not, 9 months. Her first one you may not notice but the next one will be more obvious six months later.
usally when thay are about 1year old.
she may go into heat when she is of about six months
6-12 months of age usually is when the first heat occurs. Other dogs can smell this from very far distances. The chance for copulation is very high and strict measures must be done to prevent this occurrence. Dogs make better mothers at 2 years of age or older. If your dog becomes impregnated during the first cycle, she is at risk of damage to her health because she is still a puppy herself. Many whelping dogs suffer from calcium crash due to calcium deficiency. They become excessively weak, their glucose levels drop, fall into a coma, seizure then death. Nutrition must be addressed in regards to pregnant dogs. it takes a lot of energy, nutrients to breed dogs. You might consider crating your dog during this time to prevent copulation from unwanted traveling salesman dogs. http://www.petpeoplesplace.com/resources... This article is long but is very good and should answer all your questions, Have a great week.
my dog had to go through her first heat for health reasons (she's spayed now), and she went through it at about a year old...our vet said she was kind of a "late bloomer," though, so i think that's on the later end. (she's a lab, by the way).

why don't you want to have her fixed?
Dogs usually go into heat at approximately 6 moths of age, but can go into heat as late as one yer.

The heat cycle of the female dog has three parts and lasts about 3 weeks.

The first part lasts anywhere from 3-14 days during which a bloody discharge and swelling of the vaginal area are usually seen.

Next the dog will become receptive to being bred and actively may seek out a male dog. This is the time when she can become pregnant. The discharge may change color at this time and become lighter.

Finally, the discharge will become clearer, the vaginal swelling will diminish and the dog will no longer allow herself to be bred.

While your dog is in heat you must watch her carefully to avoid unwanted breeding and subsequent puppies. If you are not planning on breeding your dog, please have her spayed to help prevent unwanted puppies. It I will also lower her risk to several types of cancer .

It really would be best for her heath-wise if you had her spayed. Hope this answered your question ... nd then some probably :-)
well like any other dog, they can go into heat when they reach the age of 7-8 months and sometimes it takes them longer to go into heat. but it also depends on how mature she gets, so she can go in now or she can go in in about 1-2 more months. i would say not to worry because when she comes in you will see it and it will start slowly then it will get yukky worse like the bleeding gets darker and her private area will get swollen. i breed goldens and when my female comes in i just let it run its course til i am ready to breed again. if you worry about her bleeding all over the place with the kids around then you can get the doggie diapers at your local pet store that will cover the area and keep her from bleeding all over the kids. i have 3 kids and when my dog goes in heat i usually tell my kids to not touch her in that area. with her being 5 months you probably have at least 2-3 more months before she comes in. but just be prepared because she can come in very soon. good luck

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