2 yr German Shepherd Girl. adorable, apt temper. suddenly started bark &snapping at other dogs?

concerned she will start a fight, in a minute can't leave her loose when on run for disquiet of what may happen, her sister (Golden Retriever) is fine and they win on briliantly together... there have been no unusual chages or situations whatsoever. want to train her out of this somehow. any thoughts? thankfulness
Answers: She's growing up and feeling bossy. You can work near her to tone it down, but she may stay this way. She wishes to dominate. You may have a budding babyish diva on your hands. Take appropriate sanctuary precautions. She might not need to pop in the dog park for a while. Perhaps you could see a professional trainer and see if he/she could give you some counsel?
Start obedience classes; this will build your trust, and she will behave better.

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