Cause of dog "twitching"?

My 8-week old manly Shih Tzu puppy has shown some atypical behavior starting a few days ago. He began "twitching" a few days ago. What in general happens, is he will be still, and after begin to move/shake/twitch his legs. This go on for about a minute. Before and after this occur, he acts extraordinarily lethargic.

This is highly surprising, since he is practically always markedly active. I enjoy searched the Internet and enjoy seen similar question here, but to my knowledge, he is not "within contact with" any of the causes.

The puppy have not had any shots/grooming but, though he was set to capture his shots soon. He has be kept in a room where on earth I can keep an eye on him, so he hasn't be running around the house getting into things.

We took him for a blood test, and zilch seemed unusual, and the vet didn't see anything. The vet said that the only genuine way of knowing is to filch him to a neurologist.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I verbs so much for this puppy.

Thanks all.
Answers: Your vet is correct.A brain doctor is your best bet i,m afraid...It could be contained by hios head or spine.
does he do a bit jig? because sometimes a dog just requests to dance.

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