My boxer dog thats a girl have her entity sticking out big time..looks close to a tumor..what do i do.?

i heard it get like that exact their in warmth or that shes on her period..shes with the sole purpose 10months
Answers: Yup she's getting her heat. You will call for a doggy diaper, and for a boxer i'd pay the forty bucks for the tough denim one a bit than the diaper like ones that she'll rip bad. She'll have a bloody discharge for three weeks, and it will begin every six months. So you know, you CANNOT breed her until her third heat, because she is presently like the equivilant of a twelve year elderly girl-not mentally or physically ready!
There will be NO DOUBT when her extent comes. You will find drops of blood on your floor. Her "privates" swell first but will continue to swell, later return to normal size afterwards.
Nothing wrong beside having an intact feminine AS LONG AS YOU KEEP HER SAFE FROM UNWANTED LITTERS! This means, NO OUTSIDE ALONE!! Not even surrounded by your yard! Do not give notice doors or windows approachable. It is NOT HARD to prevent unwanted pregnancies, no matter what some race say! It is entirely possible to keep hold of your little girl "a virgin" without giving her a hysterectomy. If you can't manipulate it, get her spayed. But if you are charitable and pay attention to her, here is no need. Contrary to belief, this proceedure does NOT prevent cancer. Check out the research. Good luck and CONGRATS to your lil woman!
If she's not spayed, she's probably in steam.

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