Is It Bad For Your Dog TO Eat Snails?

I know this may seem like a stupid question but my dog has who is 10 years old has suddenly started eating snails shell and all! We have tried to stop him but sometimes he is too fast, he has started to look a bit grim but still eats his normal food.
Has anyone had similar problems or do they know if it is healthy or not?

Serious answers please no Jokes about him being French!!!
The people above are right. SOME snails can be poisonous. However, snails are usually one of the safest sources of protein in the forest (fresh water ones, that is) that you could eat if you were stranded in the forest. I happened to see that on Survivorman.. but, then again, he heated them up on an open fire which usually kills all bacteria.

My dog has eaten numerous things from the outside. Heck, he eats grass all the time and I'm sure he's swooped up who KNOWS how many bugs and lizards. He's about the same age as yours and has been doing it for years and is still alive. I would just watch him. If he continues to eat, go to the bathroom and behave normally, I have never heard of a dog dying from eating a poisonous snail and can't seem to find any research on the topic. I'd say he is safe. Good luck.
no joke, some snails can be poisinous. talk to your vet and keep your dog away from the snails with chew toys other treats and lots of love. another thing you can do is train him to drop the snails and leave them
i think it can depend on how big your dog is. My 105 lb one can eat just about anything without gettin,g sick, however if your dog is smaller, i'd call a vet. Some can be poisonus, and who knows what could happen if your dog ate too many.
i don't think so aren't they poisoness?
i would try to stop him as much as you can put him on a leash. if he goes for one yank him. he should understand soon he should not eat them
If I were you I would try to find one & take it to the vet (with you dog of course) . The vet should be able to tell you if it ok or not. If it is not then you have your dog right there with you so he can be treated.

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