A 2 year-old Newfie who be simply more or less as elevated as my dog (22" or so)... is it possible she's purebred?

She must've weighed at smallest 50 lbs and had hip dysplasia (AT AGE 2)... but did she miss out on the giant gene or something? She looked approaching a Newf, only smaller. I be SURE she was a puppy.
Answers: Oh, I own seen some that look rather like that!!!! There are a few "mills" that be breeding them smaller and smaller.probably for the sake of space. There were some taken from a kennel setting surrounded by IL that were adjectives about 50-75 pounds. They be of course HIDEOUS. Breeding too close *heavy inbreeding* seem to have played a bit in it also. They adjectives had skeletal deformaties, but that may enjoy been due, contained by part, to the awful conditions that they be living in.
This be not the first case similar to this that we have see, but the largest. Over the years there enjoy been several, but repeatedly, the dogs are presumed to be mixes. Some are, but from what we have see...some are NOT!! The early age HD is a clue. In my judgment, that kind of lend to the fact that this could be a Newf.but one that be bred from such horrid stock that the health issues as powerfully as the size were factor. Generally, the mixes we have see did not have the really desperate health issues that the defectively bred Newfs did.
Still a sad crust. Over the years I have see sooo many really doomed to failure looking ones. It is amazing!! I am sure people see it surrounded by other breeds as well, but it is other a shocker to see ones that are so extreme.

Vet Tech.(forgive me) but that Newf that you have the relationship to could not have be ANY more sculpted if it tried!!!!!! THAT is what this breed have come to!!!!!!! Can we NOT show in fluent coat anymore??

Thank the loving lord! I was hoping you be not a "sculpting fanatic"!!!!

7.5 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess it does NOT suprise me that much.VERY dejected!!! There is more and more things I cannot STABD going on! One breeder bred a male she have (to her OWN bit ch) and he did not clear hips OR elbows!!! Like it is better that it was on HER bit ch?? Is she going to maintain ALL the puppies? DOUBT it!! I really don't know where to reffer puppy general public to anymore! A breeder near me have 34 PUPPIES right now! I just about stroked out when I heard that!!!
if shes simply 2 she will get bigger probably

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