12 cups of food for puppy!?

I have a 6 month matured sapsalgae (it's ok if you don't know the breed) They are medium sized solely getting around 45-65 pounds. My dog is around 35.5 pounds now but is for a time skinny. He's had problems beside loose stool and being skinny so he's on Royal Canin Intestinal. That have helped his poo but he's still so skinny! He's getting taller but is skin and bones. I doubled the amount he be getting to 3 1/2 cups a day. But presently the vet says I should triple that and nurture him 12 cups day! That freshly seems close to so much!! I guess I should add that I'm within Korea and the vet doesn't really know the size of cups. Does this seem possible. I merely fed him a touch over 3 cups and now he seem bloated and uncomfortable. You know, the fear you have if you get through too much. Does he really have to travel through this 3 times a day?
Answers: That's passageway too much food for a 6 mos old puppy.
I would not nurture any dog that much food even if it was a giant breed dog. I'd only feed it the recomended amounts on the dog food shoulder bag.

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