White mucus things out of my dogs butt?

I have a two month year frail boston terrier. My girlfriend was holding him and some white stuff come out his butt. And it appeared flat, then she wipe it off and it become circular in shape. Then he pooped and in that was a exceedingly small circular white thing surrounded by his poop. The circle was smaller than a dime, HELP im upset it might be worms. Also im more scared make happen I've been kissing him on the mouth. I know its stupid but i love him.
Answers: If does nouns like he may enjoy worms of some sort - Round, tape, or Whip are most predictable.

Bring the dog into the vet with a stool preview on Mon or Tues and be sure to clean up ALL his stool.

You may also want to telephone your breeder to find out what types of worms she treated for and to ask if any other dogs are showing up with worms. If you bring a diagnosis of worms, call your breeder fund and let her know that the dog have worms. A good breeder will want to know so that she can check her dogs and tolerate other owners know of the danger.
sounds close to worms go to the vet right away.

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