I dont approaching my fish. READ?

I made a dumb mistake of starting a community tropical fish tank, because my mom like one fish. I have a significant gourami, and tricolor shark, 2 clown loaches, and a syndontis eupterus catfish. I have other wanted convict or african cichlids, but i cant own them with the fish i curently own. What do i do?
Answers: whether this is any help to you but i save the same fish n my reservoir with 4 angel fish 4 fire mouths 4 rainbows, 2 sejikas,
i own African and American cichlids in my cistern i was told they are not compatible but i hold had them 2 years and they are fine i enjoy a really unusual mixed tank of fish i also hold penguin tetras balloon mollies,Cory cat fish and a plec,sometimes you can keep different breeds of fish its trial and error pious luck
get another cistern

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