African Cichlid pH?

whats the lowest possible pH african cichlids like the electic sickly lab can live at? I wish i could own african cichlids, but i cant get my pH above 7
Answers: Malawi Africans (like the yellow) will do fine within ph of 7 - they are highly tolterent and ancestors are often confused between 'ideal' and 'possible'. The solely thing that may be artificial by this lower ph is their breeding, but it certainly won't waste them. But you will want to make sure your dampen is buffered (kh/alkalinity) to prevent it from sinking further.

However, raising values is much easier later lowering them and you can bring the water up above 7 - you merely need to know how and be inclined to put in a touch of stab.. Check out this as a very reliable method:
Buffers approaching lime and coral will help buffer your reservoir and raise it some and can singular help, but using additives similar to those above is the most direct and effective method to adjust things, and can be used along with attractive buffers.

These articals go into more detail more or less your water and how it works next to your fish:

In fact, spend lots of time at that site if you want to maintain 'African cichlids'. There are certain ways to keep hold of them and not keep them and those who don't research first usually capture it wrong. Also be prepared to set up a tank of at lowest 50 gallons - even the smallest Malawis can be very aggressive, and even the mildest Malawis are amazingly active.

Rule #1 near African cichlids: Never ask a question concerning of late "Africans". They are a hugely diverse group of fish, from more then one location, that can differ surrounded by every way. I be able to answer because of the one example you give, and asking based on actual species is the individual way to bring reliable information.
They really need to be above 8.0, but a steady pH is better than a fluxuating one. Crushed coral, Malawian Cichlid Salt, and rocks resembling limestone can all comfort raise the pH, but you own to add them unhurriedly. My brother made the mistake of setting up his cichlid tank near a pH of 8.5 and then introducing store bought cichlids that have been living within 7.0 pH water at the pet store. They died over darkness. There is also a product that you can buy online that is gravel and sand from Malawi, they may also own these for the other lakes if you don't hold Malawian cichlids, but another african type.

The link for the substrate is below.
the pH requirment for that species of fish is 7.5 - 8.0.

if you want big pH then poster alot of coral sand and rock into the tank this will buffer up the pH and sort the water more alkaline which is what these species wallow in.

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