10 Gallon Tank?

I have a 10 Gallon Tank..I already enjoy a Betta,and a pleco in their.and its getting boring...anyone suggest what compassionate of new fish would be fun to buy plz =D
Answers: What characteristics of pleco? Some get to 24", some bring to 3". If you have the considerable type, then you should move it to a bigger cistern ASAP. Putting it in a smaller cistern will stunt it and it will die early.

For a 10 gallon container, I'd recommend a school of Zebra Danios (or some of the larger tetras such as Bleeding Hearts and Phantoms; Neons grasp a little too small and the betta might badger it/them) and a school of cory cats to verbs up the bottom. Maybe even a Ghost Shrimp (which is easy to find at Petsmart). E-mail me for any question!

There aren't a lot of fish that you can keep hold of in that reservoir. It would often come down on Tetras, Barbs and Livebearers. I specially enjoy no fame next to livebearers. I don't think their really pretty [with some exception]. As for barb and tetras. I would stay with the smaller species. The bigger the species, the more boisterous they are.

Bleeding Heart Tetras
Black Phantom Tetra
Red Phantom Tetra
Blue Emperor Tetra
Emperor Tetra
Red-Eyed Tetra
Columbian Tetra
Neon Tetra
Cardinal Tetra
Splashing Characin

Cherry Barb
Dwarf Gold Barb
Jae Barb
Rosy Barb [depends on respectively fish]

Halfbeaks (watch out, they are piscovores.insectivores.)
Please take out the pleco he will fast outgrow that tank.
If you want more fish AFTER YOU GET RID OF THE PLECO you could seize a small school of neon tetras, rasboras, some platies, some mollies, and you could acquire some corydoras catfish, or a couple of african dwarf frogs, some mystery snails...there are abundant possibilites.

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