A few question roughly my guppy fry?

My guppy just have her fry today. The only fish within the tank near them is their mom and she has be trying to catch them but they swim away and hide in the plants or block themselves between the rocks on the bottom. I think they are out of danger from her but I would like to know when they will be big ample to not be eaten. Also is breaking up flake food really really small adequate for them to eat?
Answers: Crumbled up flake food is fine for them - after it's be in the marine for about a minute, it will verbs enough for them to take bites out of it, even if it is too big to start.

I've never used a breeder net near guppies, and as long as they have plants and places to conceal in the cistern, I've had plenty of fry survive. The merely way to be indubitable that they aren't eaten is to separate them from the parents until they're too big to fit within their mouth.
the mother will eat them. and i have a sneaking suspicion that the fish food thing will work out, that's what my mother used to do for her fish.
the feminine is just inquisitive of the you she will not drink the young but if u can u can other try separating the female from the childish as mom will not interact with her immature.

If you can not separate them you can try buying alot of plants and pack them in the reservoir so mum cant see the young.

To nurture them yes they will take broken flake but you can also buy proper livebearer food for Fry and costs in the region of lb3.95. wen the young receive about 0.5cm try feed them mini bloodworm they love it and it will help their metabolism and growth rate.
It should be but the mom might bring it first... you could try liquid food... o yea theres a entry called a fry breeder, the fry stay within the little mesh compartment and they are safe they cost similar to 6 bucks...

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