What fish is better, a goldfish or a guppy?

Answers: It all depend on who you are


Advantages: can be stunning, don't need a space heater, $1 cheaper than guppy
Disadvantages: Get Huge, Huge Waste Makers, High Maintanence


Advantages: Beautiful fish, Stay small, Low waste maker
Disadvantages: Need Heater, $1 more expensive than goldfish, breed like rabbits.

If you enjoy a large, over 30 gallons, I would achieve a goldfish. If you are dealing with a small, 5 gallon or more aquarium, I would obtain a few, maybe 4-10, MALE guppies. If you get hold of even one female your cistern will be over crowded within 2-4 months.

Hope I could give support to!
Two different species. A goldfish requires a 30 gallon tank, a guppy requires a radiator.
I've always have goldfish and I love them, but you have to verbs their tanks pretty habitually to keep them stout. Also goldfish grow pretty fast. I've have to get a larger reservoir for mine three times in five years. Goldfish close to cooler water, while guppies prefer stove water. Also guppies multiply resembling bunnies.
get a goldfish not one looks impossible to tell apart and it can have a minimum of a 10-gallon container they also live longer than guppies. i have 2 of them for 2 years presently but my guppy like for 1 week lol
Depends on what you want

Goldfish are come within "gold", red, white, and black. They are relatively easy to pocket care of since they do not call for warm hose down, they're fine with cold river.

Guppies also can be very colorful too. They are freshwater fish but their hose should be a little saline.

The two types are both great! It just depends on how staunch you are going to be. If you don't want a fish that requires specific conditions you'd be better off next to the goldfish.
i would say a guppy goldfish are dirty and produce soaring levels of ammonia and grow to a immense size.goldfish are cold water fish and a guppy is a tropical fish they approaching to be kept in groups and don't grow so big.
depends on gallons, you really have need of at least 55 gallons for 1-3 goldfish along near a canister filter.

Guppies should be in zilch less than 10 gallons.

So it does play a role...gallon size to be precise.

I personally resembling guppies better.
it depends on what you're going for.
goldfish have more size, and the aficionado tails and bug eyed ones are specifically interesting, but they are messy for a fish, so you have to verbs the water a bit more normally.
guppies of course are smaller, and there's just two types, the regular and the fan tail - i intuitively like enthusiast tails. guppies come surrounded by a million combos of colors, and you can breed your own at home. also, you can have more of them for the amount of food you entail to give.
both fish are highly hardy, and don't get sick fundamentally easily compared to other fish types.
i one-sidedly like the pale and black snakeskin fan tail guppies. they're a breed i've more or smaller number developed on my own by unfortunate inbreeding of at lowest 12 generations. they're adjectives healthy but they're really irridescent. =)
get a goldfish!
mine enjoy been living for nearly 2 years, and they are so big!
mine hold even learnt to come up and kiss my finger! LOL
anyway-goldfish are the best!
I close to guppies best, they are adorable! <><

Goldfish aren't my favorite because:
They need 20+ gallons for solely 1 fish! You can keep in the region of 15 guppies in a 20 gallon cistern!

Goldfish are coldwater fish, so they can't really live with other fish except other goldfish. Guppies are tropical. They can live within many tropical communities!

Goldfish are huge fritter away producers and messy! Guppies, on the other hand, are not.

Goldfish really solitary come in a few colors: Orange, Black, White, and sometimes brown. Guppies come within: Red, blue, yellow, red, well you gain my point!

Goldfish get huge! Common or comet goldfish can take 12" long! Guppies only bring 1"-2".

But I still like goldfish. I enjoy a 400 gallon goldfish pond.

<>< <>< <><

I would go near a guppy. they are beautiful, small and relaxing. goldfish tend to get big and messy but peole voice they are a good pupil fish(Not for me)but the choice is up to you. if you have a 20 gallon container you can keep one goldfish or ten guppies.
I hold a friend that loves goldfish, and I love guppies, so I think guppies are better, plus they're easier to give somebody a lift care of.
It's not that natural. And, it depends on what you mean by, "better." Tank size? Maintenance? Breeding? Visual interest? Starters vs. Intermediate/Advanced? For starters, guppies are better. They require smaller number water per fish and, thus, a smaller reservoir. Maintenance? Actually, larger tanks are easier to purloin care of, but adjectives in adjectives, maintenance is like peas in a pod, regardless of tank size. Breeding. Guppies are, by far, much easier to breed, but afterwards, on the other hand, if you haven't made plans for what to do next to the fry or simply don't have the room, goldfish are better because they don't breed much at adjectives. I feel goldfish hold much better visual interest, but afterwards guppies can be very pretty. Goldfish are for at least possible, intermediate, if not advanced, fishkeepers, so, overall, beside the exception of the breeding and, thus, too many fry issue, I would say aloud that guppies are "better." I keep goldfish exclusively but I would never recommend them to a greenhorn fishkeeper.
Unless you are willing to engender a minimum ten year commitment to take comfort of the fish, go beside a guppy.

Goldfish are very long-lived fish, despite what most of the world think, most will live to be at least 10 years (not months), the register is somewhere around 45. They, require at least triple filtration (i.e.: a filter made for a reservoir 3 times bigger than the one you have), You will need at lowest possible 20 gallons per fish in the ruin, as a juvenile about 10 would be okay, no smaller amount than that though. No matter what the price sticker say, "small goldfish" does not mean it will stay small. The smallest of goldfish breeds, would be the fancy, and they still get to be AT LEAST 6".

Guppies would probably be a amble in the park compared to a goldfish. A furnace isn't a huge deal, and it doesn't put in but a few cents to your electric bill. Salt isn't that big of a deal any, it helps to prevent diseases, and even well-mannered aquarium salt (i.e.: "The expensive stuff") is simply a couple of dollars for a carton. Unless you get a duo that breeds like crazy and don't devour the fry, you shouldn't have to verbs too much about them multiplying, but if they do, your local fish store might be likely to take them stale your hands. Some will thieve fish for store credits you can use towards equipment and food, or more fish!

Whichever you decide, brand sure you are up to the commitment and do your research. You will save yourself profusely of frustration if you know ahead of time what to do instead of going through it blindly. Good Luck!


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