Advice for my pet betta?

Housed in approx. 1.25 gallon cistern, filtered, neutral on in daytime n stale at night, eat froz bloodworms and betta flakes, (fed daily within sm amounts-shes always hungry lol;)
have 2 diff. fake plants to stow under/sleep. nice gravel floor

tried the live plant thing but its basically too much of a mess!
Oh and Ive had her since Halloweeen 2007

I just now moved her to the filtered cistern and OMG she is sooooooooo active! Sadly Ive kill every betta i have tried, she is doing good-wanna preserve her that way!

PH horizontal is approx. 6.8

any tips??
Answers: I've killed adjectives mine on accident... Sounds similar to you are doing great. LoL
Just keep on doing what you are!! make you realise the phrase "they can survive in a small container but will not thrive" you are seeing yours thrive now!!

I don`t know look at getting a silk plant rather than a concrete one - betta's like resting on plants and you wont bring back the mess, and maybe for a moment cave so he can conceal away and rest from the filter current.
good you've moved it to a filter tank. i would invest within, if you haven't already, a test gear for such tank nasties as ammonia, nitrate and nitrite. and lately because it's a filtered cistern, don't skimp on water change! if the tank hasn't be cycled, ammonia can still build up.

other than that, keep hold of on doing what you're doing! keep an eye on how much you're feed, bettas are always hungry but don't enjoy enormous stomachs and overfeeding can bring all sorts of problems. conceivably skip a day near no food whatsoever, it will do the fish no harm and comfort "empty the system" if you know what i scrounging!
Your PH is way past its sell-by date. It needs to enjoy a PH of 7.0 or more.
Your betta will do fine.

Isn't it nice to see a listless betta become active and thrilled when put in a larger cistern? :)

My tip would be to upgrade her again to at least a 2 gallon reservoir so you can get her a heating system. Bettas are tropical fish and thrive in sea about 78-82 degree. A 5+ gallon would really be best, but I say minimum of 2 gallons because to be exact the smallest possible cistern that can have a heating system.

Also, get a master conducting tests kit so you can monitor the chemical level in her cistern. Keep the ammonia and nitrites at 0ppm and the nitrates below 20ppm.
You need a 5 gallon reservoir or larger so you can have a boiler. The plants will do better that way, too, and make the addition of interest to her life. She's also similar to a small cave to swim through.

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