2 womanly mollies & one mannish guppie beside white stuff on them?

I have two feminine mollies with this white, sort of gauzy or cottonball looking stuff on them. I tried the "ick" medication, and it didn't work. Now my favorite guppy has some spots on him. What is this and what do I do? backing help minister to (ps. 35 gallon tank next to numerous other fish in within - none of them have spots--yet)
Answers: It sounds a short time ago like a body fungus. Ich would be tiny white specks the size of saline granules. If it's bigger than brackish granules, most probable it's just a fungus and you can treat it beside pimafix used in conjunction beside melafix. they are both very forceful and DON"T overtreat. Follow the instructions and you should see the fungus go away over consequently next 5-7 days. You may also incorporate aquarium salt, but breed sure you get adjectives of the salt out after you're are done treating, by doing dampen changes. You should also hold on to up on water change. I recommend doing a 25-35% water transmutation every week.
eek! this happened to me too! you call for to raise the heat in your cistern and treat it wth the ick medicine. adjectives my fish died. :(

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