2 fish question?

ok, i have give or take a few 10 non aggressive fish in a 30 gallon container. i also have a 10 gallon container with 3 angelfish within it. i don't really want my 10 non agressive fish any more and i tried giving them to petco and petsmart, but they don't want them (as they have too several fish already).so i have some more room so i can breed my angels. what should i do to achieve rid of the other 10 fish?

the second question is: i've have my angels for about 4 months immediately and they are only 3 inches elevated. is that because of the 10 gal.? or are this the average size for a 3 inch tall angelfish? they are capably fed and the ph and amonia are usual.

Answers: Often local fishstores (non-chains) are more willing to buy than Petco and Petsmart - because their economics are different (they own really thin margins). They will commonly buy tetras back for a dollar or so respectively. You can establish a relationship by asking them for advice - as they're usually contained by it for the love of the hobby as opposed to trying to brand name money.

Angelfish have some size flux. Yours are on the smaller side, but if nutrition, water element and tank room weren't issues, I would be smaller number worried about stunting. Do you know what generous of angelfish they are? The usual pterophyllum scalare?
These two questions benevolent of tie together. I don't know what kind of "non agressive" fish you hold. But if the stores wont take them from you, restructure the 30gal tank to suit the Angels and newly go ahead and put them right contained by. Depending on the mix, they'll either cohabitate or the Angels will call a halt up eating them.

If the Angels munch through them, it will help them to grow faster anyhow. 3" towering is not max size for the Angelfish. They generally achieve about 6" contained by length and height. I don't know what you're feed them, but if you try some frozen brine shrimp, blood worms, and the occassional beef heart and small feeder guppies, they may grow faster. You want to make sure you in truth have a manly and female. I'd receive another Angel also, since when they pair sour you'll have an weird and wonderful man out who will get picked on, you want to enjoy fish to divert some of the agression. This is where the non aggressive fish may relieve as well since I'm assuming they're tetras and briskly schooling fish.

Angels don't always put together the best parents though, so having too copious fish in the cistern may cause them to munch through their babies, but try first. If that's the case, later take the breeding twosome from the 30 and put them into the 10 by themselves, then you can replace them into the 30 after the fry are a consistent size and are self-sufficient.

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