2 fish question?

ok, i have just about 10 non aggressive fish in a 30 gallon reservoir. i also have a 10 gallon reservoir with 3 angelfish surrounded by it. i don't really want my 10 non agressive fish any more and i tried giving them to petco and petsmart, but they don't want them (as they have too several fish already).so i have some more room so i can breed my angels. what should i do to take rid of the other 10 fish?

the second question is: i've have my angels for about 7months very soon and they are only 3 inches soaring. is that because of the 10 gal.? or are this the average size for a 3 inch tall angelfish? they are in good health fed and the ph and amonia are conventional.

Answers: It might sound silly but try donating them to a local elementary arts school. There might be a teacher nearby who wouldn't mind having them within her class for the kids to take carefulness of!
yes they are stunted.

u should sell the 10 fish, they arent needed for ur objective. and then increase the angelfish number to a total of 4.

surrounded by the 30 gallon.

Allow them to pair up, and after there u budge.

7 months is acceptable, but 3 inches isnt, so u want to upgrade them into the 30 asap and start growing them out for ur breeding plans.
well i can answer both of your question for u... instead of giving your 10 fishes away you should problely ask a family applicant do they wont any fish and if so , ask them can they afford a fish tank and when ever they set thier container up and everything ... well you find the rest and if they dont wont all afterwards ask some one else or u can give them to someone as an payment

and i would say thats majority for cause it thieve all living things time to grow
try selling your 10 fish for $1 or $5 or confer them to a friend who doesnt have a pet hype on craigslist.com , PennysaveUsa.com , and yellow page.com

its unusual for angelfish to grow 3 inches in 7 months try asking the petstore you bought him/her
Hi Linda, put them on your local Freecycle Group or Craigs List. Wait a few days until you enjoy several replies & you can pick the one which looks the best adoptive home.

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