Albino Oscar, 55 Gallon Tank. Any Tips Or Experience? Young From Wal-Mart. Trying To Breed Platys To Feed Him.

Any Tips On Fast Platy Birth In My 10-Gallon Tank.
Answers: I've never had an Oscar but I can abet with the platies. Make sure you hold more females than males, two to one should be okay. Maybe get a total of four females and two males. Do day by day 20% water change - just variety sure the water is almost the same warmth as the fish tank. It might aid to get a alien bucket and fill it up beside dechlorinated water respectively time you do a water modify - that way it will be prepared to go for the subsequent day. In count to their regular flake food, feed the platies blanched cucumbers and other vegetables whenever possible. Make sure to hang on to the tank at a steady heat - high 70s - to facilitate with the spawning and hang on to the fry healthy. You'll want something contained by the tank for the fry to obscure in - I recommend java moss but you could capture a breeder net or plastic plants made for fry. Just hold on to the conditions as ideal as possible and you should own more fry than your Oscar can eat.
I enjoy an albino oscar about 6 -7 inches long. They are full of sense of self! Check out this website for all things oscar:
oscars are the best.i saw video of one ingestion a live lizard.

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